Beautiful words and
experiences of others

Mariateresa Coppola

“I knew that last year would have been a year of transitions. When moments like that happened, I always let others choose for me. This time I wanted to be in charge. I needed to know myself better and I was open to exploring myself in a different way. This is why I started my coaching with Corina and overall, it has been a wonderful process.

She taught me tools to be centred to my core. Thanks to her, I learned how to fully occupy my space, make peace with myself, my feelings and others; how to be in the present. Thanks to her coaching, I shifted: nowadays I am able to define myself based on what I want to be and not on what I have done.

She has always been very supportive and respectful of my space. When I asked for help, she stepped in a very delicate way. During the coaching sessions I felt safe, never judged and growing. After this process, I can face changes taking full responsibility. After her coaching, I can deeply own and enjoy my choices and my life.”

Marieke Zwinkels

“Corina is one of the Dreamers. And I just think it’s important to say how GOOD she is. Because she is. Incredibly pure and incredibly skilled at recognizing and lovingly fulfilling child, adolescent, and young adult. And seeing patterns and structures, Language of Light, is so natural to her. Those adventures she talks about were really magical and far-reaching. We’ve been through crazy things.

I’m going to confess: I was so happy that Corina wanted to participate in the training! It gave me enormous confidence, and my heart really did a dance. So if you do The Freedom To Fly Unaccompanied, for example, if you bought it during the Pay What You Can Day, and you want to continue, the first reactions from test customers already indicate: it’s so valuable! And you go so much deeper. ”


“I had already looked into the TFTF program and made some assignments in the beginning. Then I noticed that I no longer picked this up on my own. I wanted to continue because I kept getting stuck. Corina crossed my path, and together we went through the 7 modules. It was cool to trust that every session, the right insights would come and could be healed. Corina has a good sense of what is needed. Besides that she can do this well, she has a very nice energy and a beautiful smile. With humor and lightheartedness we went on a journey together, and it was liberating. And we did all that without ever actually meeting in person.

As I write this, I feel the love we have shared over the past few months. Who knows—in the future, if I run into you, maybe I will give you a big hug.”


“I have experienced Corina’s coaching as very positive. It has helped me find guidance, strength, and confidence in myself. Through visualization (remotely), I have come closer to myself. I have experienced that the confirmation that I often place with others can also be obtained from myself. This special experience has given me tools that I can apply in daily life. During a dip or moment of doubt, I can now better address myself to scratch out of this, to be more balanced, and to try to keep the positive vibe. Thank you, Corina, for your kindness and help!”


“Asking for help with something personal was not my thing. Even though I knew I wouldn’t be able to figure it out on my own, I was super excited to get in touch with Corina after a mutual friend told me about her. Doing it anyway has been one of my best choices over the past year!

Already at the introduction by mail, I knew that she would bring me what I was looking for so hard. The warmth I received during the first meeting was just a confirmation. Corina lets you be who and what you are at that moment, and she takes you on your path to what you want to achieve. She is sincere, honest, down to earth, warm, and loving.

Dear Corina, you are asking for a reference, and all I can think of is that I want to thank you. Because of you and your guidance, I have made the most difficult steps. You have helped me to gain insights into old patterns of behavior and thoughts, to break them and replace them with love. You were always there, even if I didn’t ask for it, you were there by means of an app or email with only “Are you okay?” That support is indispensable when you are rediscovering yourself. Everything you think is true turns out not to be true and your whole life is turned upside down because you finally choose yourself. You have been a wonderful gift, and I am forever grateful to you!”

Sacha Hof

“Corina became my coach. I could count on her for 3 months. She gave me insights and confidence. Nothing was crazy, everything could be discussed. There was never a judgment, only understanding. She made sure that I could shift a lot of stuff and start living my life to the fullest again.
I decided that I want to make this my job: helping people find a piece of inner peace, just like I found it. I started tuning in to my own business. And as it always goes when you ask: I got an answer.” 


“It feels very familiar to work with Corina.”

“In the tangle of all the things that are going on right now, you have certainly been able to help me unravel very well so far. The explanation you have given is also extremely valuable and helps me to look at everything from an even broader perspective.

You point things out in a loving way. You have an eye for the different parts that make themselves heard, and you help me not to lose myself in the maze of all parts by naming what I can focus on at that moment. At certain times, we end up somewhere different than I had expected, but exactly on the bullseye.

I experience the coaching from Corina as very pleasant. Corina is open, friendly, energetic, and without judgment. She treats the topics we discuss with respect and does not lose sight of the process.”

“Corina takes me by the hand with lots of love, attention, and determination. Full of doubts and uncertainties, I always bounce into her sessions. Rich in experiences and insights, she carefully guides me back on my path. She catches me where necessary and gives me that warm, safe feeling that I need when I dive into these unknown depths and terrains ❤”