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Owning your True Self Choices

So many choices to make,
every minute.
Very direct and aware,
or after a time of deliberation.

Even if you don’t make a choice, that is a choice.

Making your own choices can be difficult
The impact of the world around you,
opinions of others,
fear of change, fear of failure,
It is far from easy tot do.

How nice would it be to own your choices.
To be free of everything that is holding you back.
A bright future in front of you.
With love for yourself.
Being true to yourself.
Leaning back.
To feel safe and
to receive.
In trust.
To create and
Know which choice is completely right in every moment.
To feel, to know, to choose and OWN it!

That’s freedom!


Safety, space, and possibilities. That is the energy I create for you during coaching. In this space, you can be you. You can see much brighter than before. You are in the driver’s seat because you don’t want to give your power away. I don’t want you to. We work together, and you will experience how powerful you really are. How much you are able to know, feel, see, and experience.

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