I’ve got this!

I’ve got this!
I wake up startled.
I feel rushed,
tense, and excited at the same time.

Today is the day!
Today should go perfectly.
A lot depends on it.
This cannot go wrong.
My heartbeat flies up, my shoulders too
I’ll go through everything again soon.

What should I wear?
Making an impression is what I want.
Now I’m going to prove I can do it.
Now they’re going to see me.

And then…

I take a deep breath.

I see her,
the brave young adult in me,
working hard… always,
Looking for recognition, appreciation.
From everyone.
I smile at her
acknowledge her
see her,
understand her,
love her.
I give her what she needs,
but I don’t go with her.
Today I choose differently.
The adult in me.


I walk to the closet,
choose a cool outfit,
have some breakfast,
and walk out the door,
to the car.
I start the car and smile…

Yes, I’ve got this!