On the run

I see her,
a little girl,
running fast
for her life.
on her guard,
and alert.
may she rest
and certainly not
to sleep.
It never is
safe enough.
in that case.
In hope
ever be safe.
Being safe—
that’s the ultimate reward,
sometimes for a while.
A careful
To trust.
Very short
and then
by means of
to something.
To more
to better
to safer.
Hard work
that it is,
that search for
the reward,
to find safety.
And now that I see her.
really see her-
my heart explodes
of love.
What a beauty.
What a dedication.
What a fear.
What a pain she feels.
She works so hard.
And for what actually?
Her feet are broken,
scratches everywhere.
She wears rags.
Tangles in her hair,
Sometimes she gets or finds
some dry bread.
She’s always cold.
On the way to some kind of holy grail,
which is never there.
Or just for a moment,
But then moves again.
A cat and mouse story.
I see her…
Don’t ask too much of her yet.
She sees me now too
but keeps running.
She doesn’t trust it.
I’m running next to her,
and after a long time,
she does stop.
She is crying,
then relaxes slowly.
She trusts me a little more
and tells me everything.
I’ll take over.
I’ll take care of her from now on.
Give her everything she needs.
There she lies,
after getting a warm bath,
in a huge princess bed.
A room full of pink balloons
in a warm luxury house,
with someone who takes care of her.
It’s time for her to rest.
This child in me is healed.
She is free and that sets me free.
I take a deep breath,
and relax.
Suddenly I wonder
is this feeling relaxed and safe the reward for
my hard work?
Maybe, I realize
but that is no longer necessary.
I can now choose differently.
A conscious choice, simply because it is possible.
Out of love for me.
for my little girl
from me as an adult.


By doing The Freedom To Fly, I really got to know myself, without all the labels I’d ever had and put on myself.
Not just on the surface, but deeply.
I discovered where my regular patterns came from.

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