The Freedom To Fly

In owning my True Self Choices, The Freedom To Fly has given me a huge boost.
I had already done all kinds of things in the field of self-development, but this is where everything fell into place.

The Freedom To Fly involves learning, unlocking, and healing everything that doesn’t work for you.

I learned how to stay (with) myself in this world, because somewhere deep inside I knew this was possible.
By doing the Freedom to Fly program, I really got to know myself, without all the labels I had once put on myself.
Not just on the surface, but deeply. I discovered where my regular patterns came from.

Ah, so that’s why I do what I do…
I got clarity with all the pieces of the puzzle in place. It is seeing the world through your eyes.

Which position do you choose?!

All answers are inside of you. You can find them there. What a power that gives! No longer looking outward for solutions, but making and owning your own choices.

You’re not crazy; you know what you’re doing

And then you enter a bright place, in which you can make new choices with all the love for you and create a future with confidence.

That to me is The Freedom To Fly.
It is not a program, a route, nor a subscription.
It’s a way of life.

The Freedom To Fly was developed by Marieke Zwinkels.
The content is an online program. It contains all the material in an organized manner.
Every module you find there has a name that immediately tells you what the purpose of the content is.
This way you can easily choose and repeat.
The modules are very practical, very user-friendly, and (technically) easy to follow.

There are 7 modules:


Being and remaining yourself in a buzzy world.


Dealing with feelings of insecurity and doubt.


Healing your relationship with time (and creating space for your self).


Speaking your truth without losing connection.


Dealing once and for all with guilt, shame, and judgment.


Breaking the chains: Forgiving (striating with yourself).


Staying free, loving yourself, and living your true life every da

The modules consist of:
• Videos
•  Soundfiles
• Workbooks/sheets
• Indoor/outdoor assignments.

The Money Program

In addition to the above modules, attention is paid to “receiving.”

There are 5 key themes and these will be discussed
in the modules called The Money Program.

These modules provide financial freedom and confident creation.
No slogging, just unfolding with ease and grace.


Safety and trust


Create by the adult


Your relationship with money


Allow and receive


An abundant future

The Freedom To Fly is very complete and can be done without guidance. Of course, you may also feel that you prefer to go through it with help, because you want to move forward or you like having support.

You may want to apply everything you learn to a particular area, for example: your company, your field of work, or your family. You may want to be able to ask questions about these topics.
Sometimes it’s just not easy. It’s confrontation, and you don’t know it for a while. Or maybe you bounce in all directions because you had an insight.

Being able to contact a coach who walks with you is so nice.

For me, being a Freedom To Fly Coach is an honor. I think it’s special to be able to walk beside you for a while.

To create an energy of safety, space, and possibilities for you, asking you questions for more clarity and new choices, unveiling together with you, diving deeper into patterns and structures where necessary and certainly also celebrating how you take all your steps.

So you can experience how mega powerful you are!
Because really, you are!


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